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Salon Sites was set up specifically to cater to the salon market, we know and understand what you need from your online presence. We also know and understand that each salon will have a different idea and priority about their website. But most of all we know that websites can be expensive which is exactly why we offer them at such affordable prices!

Our prices start from as little as £36 per month for a website, some extensions carry a small set up cost and some of the larger extensions do require monthly maintenance fees, but you really can have a site that does a better job than your current site, for just £36!

It isn’t an introductory offer or a gimmick to draw you in, you really can have a good site for exactly that amount. We do not believe in trying to get you in with good-looking offers only to put your prices up later on. The price you start paying is the price you’ll keep paying, assuming you don’t add anything to your site further down the line that is!

From just
£36 per month
you can have a brand new website
for your salon!

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We take care of the complicated bits!

We have designed Salon Sites to be simple and easy. You need almost no webiste knowledge and it takes just minutes to place your order. You don’t need to know how to build your site, you just need to know what you want it to look like and what you want it to do for you! We do the hard stuff!

After you’ve placed your order with us you’ll get access to your very own Salon Sites account. This will give you updates on your order, inform you of new extensions available and allow you to add extensions to your website whenever you like. We give you support and help all along the way. We know that your business is not websites, so we are sure to be clear and explain everything to you in plain English, we are here to help, not to hinder!