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This is Olivia

Seamlessly combining powerful photography with beautifully minimal navigation, the Olivia theme is perfect for salons that pack a punch. The featured image for your salon’s latest blog post will be displayed as your full-screen home page image so the look of your website can be rejuvenated as often as your blog content!

  • Mobile Version
    • Nowadays just about everyone has a smartphone, they use them for just about everything too! Browsing the internet and looking for a salon is right up there on the things they’ll use their phone for! So your site needs to be viewable on a mobile, well that is exactly what we give you, a mobile-friendly website all as part of the service. No extra cost!
  • Free Web Hosting
    • If you’ve ever rented space in a warehouse or paid for car parking space then this is a good metaphor for web hosting. Just about every web company charges for the space your site takes up on their servers. Well not us! Your web hosting comes as part of the deal, no extra cost at all!
  • Admin Panel
    • Possibly the best bit of all, we give you your own website admin panel – meaning that you can log into your website whenever you like and make your own changes! You don’t have to keep coming back to us every time you want to add a new sentence to a page, change a price or replace an image, you can do it all yourself. And it’s really easy too!
  • Free Support
    • We are here all week long to help you through. If you’re struggling with the system or there is something wrong with you’re website we are here for you! Just fire an email to our support team or give us a call and someone will help you through!

Whatcomes with this design?

Gallery Extension

Want to show off your work in the best way possible? Do you want a place that will display examples of your services, show off the finest examples of your work to your visitors? Then our gallery extension might be just the thing you need!

Our standard gallery extension is what is quoted for here, but there are custom galleries we can produce for you if you’d like. Get in touch if you have a specific idea in mind!

Request a Callback Extension
Request a Callback

Sometimes your customers just don’t have the time to call you or contact you right then and there, but they still want to talk to you and book with you. Rather than let them walk away and hope they remember to come back, a request a callback form can be really effective at capturing their details.

They simply enter their name, phone number and a day/time that would best for them. You can then call them at a time suitable for them and take their booking – you gain a customer and they feel like they’ve had a really good service. Everyone is a winner!

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