Even if you already have a logo we know how easy it can be for one to start looking a bit tired and a bit dated and, sometimes, your business just needs a fresh look. Well here at Salon Sites we have a full graphic design team who can design you a new logo quickly and easily.

available at a snip!

Logo Design


We can knock together a quick logo for you based on something you’ve already got, just give your current logo a bit of a spruce-up and there you go! Quick, simple and easy!


Logo Design


This is for those who kind of know what they want but need to see it “in the flesh” as it were before they’re able to make a final decision. So give us your ideas, show us similar logos and tell us the message you want your logo to deliver and we’ll develop 4 ideas for you which can then be chosen from. One follow-up round of revision is allowed following the initial designs!


Logo Design


Does exactly what it says on the tin! If you have no idea what you’re after, or if you need to see a wide variety of logo concepts to really get an impression of what you want for your business then this is the service for you. We’ll produce 6 initial concepts for you to pick from, there are then two follow-up rounds of revisions in which you can have changes made or play with colours to get the finished logo you want!