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5 Hair Trends to Make You Shine this Summer

1. Rainbow Roots


When winter rolls around, it’s somewhat of a tradition to trade in anything colourful for dark, muted tones; from our wardrobe to our nail polish. Often enough, hair is no exception. How often do you fancy changing your hair to a deep red or chocolate brown for the colder months, and want something summery and sun-kissed for when the heat waves start?

Rainbow roots takes that idea to a whole new level. It is, as its name suggests, the process of bleaching only your roots, and then dying them with bright, beautiful rainbow colours. The result is actually pretty cool, and we’re expecting to see this trend quite a lot this coming summer.

The only downside we can see to rainbow roots is the inevitable upkeep; every time your actual roots come through it will mean another urgent trip to the salon, and those bright colours are often quick to fade or wash out.

WE LOVE: rainbow roots on dark hair. At first glance, nothing is unusual, but with as much as a gentle summer breeze those dazzling roots are revealed!

2. Jewel-Tone Dye


With the increase of all things ‘unicorn’ on our social media feeds, jewel tones are so on trend right now. However, those of us who have tried to achieve pastel coloured hair know the potential price, upkeep and damage to your hair that this kind of look can cost you.

Well, the new style of jewel-tone dye is far more subtle, so doesn’t require as much intensive bleaching to achieve, and is therefore much less damaging to your locks.

What we like the most about this dye-style is that it’s totally achievable for blondes and brunettes; iridescent pearly pinks look fabulous on blonde tresses, and deep amethyst hues are stunning on brunettes. There’s something beautiful for everyone!

WE LOVE: adding glitter to a jewel-tone gives you fairy vibes to die for!

3. Flower Crowns


Are we the only ones that are super excited that flower crowns are finally coming back? Flower crowns made their prevalence a couple of years ago and you couldn’t visit a single park, BBQ or music festival without seeing at least one girl wearing one.

They soon died down, as most trends do after a while, but they’ve recently started to make a comeback. Better yet, they’re now bigger, brighter and bolder than ever!

Flower crowns featuring larger, wilder flowers are very on-trend right now (especially when paired with a messy mermaid plait or beach waves), but we’re also a fan of the more understated styles of crowns, featuring tinier flowers or brambles.

WE LOVE: flower crowns that make a statement. Go big or go home!

4. Bejewelled Partings


Sometimes you find yourself getting ready and you just don’t know what to do with your hair. Have it up? Down? A bandana? Flower crown? Braids?

The options are endless, and sometimes they’re a lot of effort. So what do you go for when you’ve got a last minute invite, and you want to look done up without being overdone?

How about a bejewelled parting? Nothing can dress up a simple ponytail like a jewel hair crown, a temporary hair tattoo or even a touch of glitter, and it’s sure to be a conversation-starter.

A bejewelled parting is a quick and easy way to add some bling to your ensemble without having to know any complicated techniques or twists!

WE LOVE: glitter applied to a centre part, adding a real bit of sparkle to your look.

5. Shaved Heads


So, how many of us have been trapped in the office on a hot August afternoon, hair clinging to our faces, necks and shoulders with sweat, and thought to ourselves: ugh, I just want to shave it all off? We’ve all been there.

The thought of the sweet relief of having no hair to contribute to the already unbearable heat is one that often crosses our minds at least once by the time summer is over, but who is brave enough to actually rock a shaved head?

Turns out, this bold look is one that is being adopted by models, musicians and celebrities alike; and it’s beautiful. With nothing to distract from your beautiful face, a shaved head paired with a fresh face of makeup is a winning combo.

Whilst you might think a shaved head leaves you with limited styling options, there are dozens of way to add a touch of glamour to this stripped back hair-do. Try a patterned head wrap or bandana, or perhaps a flower crown for that classic festival vibe.

WE LOVE: Amber Rose is the queen of a shaved head, and has never failed to look exceedingly glamourous and feminine with her minimalistic hair style.